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How to analyze the pros and cons of the copper wire of the data cable?

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How to analyze the pros and cons of the copper wire of the data cable?
The first thing I want to say is that generally high-quality copper wires and cables are relatively soft, and the plastic on their surface is flexible. If we repeatedly bend the copper wires and cables with our hands, there will be no corresponding appearance on the insulators. Cracking phenomenon. Moreover, the plastic skin of the insulating layer is bright and shiny, and there will be no open flame when lit. Another method is to see if the copper core is in the middle of the insulating layer. Because if it is not centered, when there is a large current passing through, it is possible to penetrate the thin side. Therefore, a copper wire and cable with a copper core that is not centered is a low-quality cable. The third method depends on whether its specifications are formal. In the relevant regulations, the error of the length of the copper wire and cable cannot exceed 5%, and the cross-sectional wire diameter cannot exceed 0.02%. If you don’t meet the regulations when you buy it, don’t buy it. When we can check according to the above three points when we buy, we should be able to buy high-quality copper wires and cables. 

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