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Why is it slow to charge with the 2A mobile phone data cable? How to increase the charging rate of mobile phone [detailed explanation]

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We often use mobile phone data lines. Have you ever encountered a data line with slow charging? Common data lines include 5V/1A, 5V/1.5A, and 5V/2A. Of course, the charging power is very small when the current is very low, and the charging speed is very slow. The charging speed of ordinary data lines that can pass 2A or more current is relatively fast. But sometimes the 2A mobile phone data cable is used

The mobile phone has been used for a long time, and we all have deep experience. The main reason is that it is stuck and the power is insufficient. Many times when I met this situation, I would be crazy. I could not wait to drop my mobile phone immediately, but on second thought, I had no money to buy a new one. Alas, forget it. Make do with it first. When the power of the mobile phone is low, we need to charge it immediately. But we haven't charged much power after using the data cable for a long time. How can this happen? There is no problem with the data cable. The charging of 5V/2A should not be too slow. Let's not talk about the data cable of mobile phones below 2A, because the charging is too slow and nobody wants to use it.

The charging speed of the data line that can pass the 2A current is not very fast, but it can be used for charging. But why is the charging so slow? It feels like the charging of the 1A data line is so slow. We need to check this before we know. First of all, check whether the data cable is complete, and see if there is something bad that may affect the charging. Poor contact will also lead to slow charging of the data cable. There is also the charging plug, which is also very important.

If you want the mobile phone to charge fast, you must use the data cable of the mobile phone with a current of 2A or more, and the charging plug must also be used

2A or above. Because there is a current limit when using the 1A charging plug, even if you use the fast charging data cable, the data cable can pass the 3A current or even greater.

1、 Reasons for slow charging of data cable

Because the power of each data cable is different, the same mobile phone with high power will be fully charged quickly, while the one with low power will take longer. In addition, the charging speed is not related to the structure, but to the resistance. The original data line is usually 0.4~0.5 Ω, while most cheap lines are 1~3 Ω, so it is easy to cause slow charging. However, all USB data lines look the same, but their internal amperage is different, and this important information has never been marked on the data line. At this point, there may be different USB data cables in one of your drawers. It is difficult to identify which data line is used for which device. Although all data lines look the same, they can be very different if they are used in different places.

2、 Correct charging techniques can help improve the charging rate

1. select the data line reasonably and try to select the original data line. It is difficult for ordinary people to distinguish the difference between data lines from the outside. Therefore, it is common to mix the same interfaces, but the number of currents provided by different data lines may be different. Many low-cost data lines look very thick, but their internal core is very thin, or pure copper is replaced by aluminum wire. In addition, there may be hidden dangers in the contact material and welding of the poor quality data line connector. The above problems will lead to increased resistance. The standard data line resistance should be 0.5 ohm, while the poor quality wire may reach 3-6 ohm, and the charging efficiency will naturally decrease by 6 to 12 times. So the selection of data line is very important.

2. The lithium battery will start the lithium battery protection when the battery power is very low. At this time, the mobile phone cannot be turned on, there is no response at the initial stage of charging, and the charging time will also become longer. It takes a long time for the charged mobile phone to wake up the battery and turn off the protection function. So try not to wait for the battery to run out before thinking about charging.

3. As we all know, after the phone is turned on, all kinds of programs are running all the time, which will consume more power, which will naturally drag down the "charging rate". So try to turn off some apps and the phone screen when charging. Of course, if you can turn off or switch to "flight mode", you can save more power and charge faster. But for most people, it is not realistic to completely cut off contact with the outside world for charging.

4. In addition, some friends like to charge through the USB interface of the computer, which takes longer to charge than the method of plugging in the socket. Generally, the maximum output current of the USB port on the front of the computer is only 0.5A, and the charging speed is very slow. If you have to use the USB port of the computer to charge, you can use the USB port on the back of the computer, because its current is more stable than the front port, and the charging speed is relatively faster.

In the final analysis, the reason for the slow charging of the data cable is mostly that we did not choose the right one. Using the inferior charging cable to charge the mobile phone will greatly reduce the charging rate. Therefore, we should try to choose the high-quality data cable in daily life. It is best to choose more original data cables. In addition, we can also try some ways to improve the charging rate of mobile phones provided by the above Xiaobian. After all, using the right method can save time and improve efficiency


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