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Danger! ACHLink reminds you that the old data cables at home must be replaced!

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In our daily life, we often use various electronic devices, and the charging safety of these devices should not be ignored. Especially the old or poor quality data cables, they may hide hidden safety hazards, such as short circuit, overheating and even fire risks. For this reason, ACHLink especially reminds you to pay attention to and replace the old data cables at home in time.

Observe the appearance: Please check whether your data cable has obvious breakage, crease or wear. Older data cables are prone to these problems as their insulation may have deteriorated or been damaged.

Check the charging performance: If you notice a slow and unstable charging rate, or a noticeable hot feeling or overheating in the contact area during the charging process, these are signs that the data cable may have deteriorated.

Feel the temperature change: If the terminal connector or other parts of the data cable often overheat, this is a sign that the performance of the internal insulating material has deteriorated. This will not only accelerate the aging of the data cable, but may also cause a fire.

Avoid using inferior products: there are many data cables of varying quality on the market, and when choosing them, you should prioritize those that meet professional standards and certifications. Poor quality data cables have poor flame retardant properties and can easily cause a fire in the event of a short circuit.

For the safety of you and your family, stop using the data cable and replace it with a new one as soon as you notice any of the above problems. Don't ignore the potential safety risks because of cost savings. The right thing to do is to choose a reliable quality data cable that meets safety standards to ensure safety during use.

Choose ACHLink to provide you with high-quality, safe and reliable data cable products to help you stay away from safety hazards and enjoy a worry-free digital life. Thank you for your attention and support!


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