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8.8 How about the data cable for parcel post?

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The Consumer Association, in conjunction with the Taier Laboratory of the Chinese Academy of Information and Communication, warned that poor charging data lines would bring potential safety hazards. We must be vigilant and not be greedy for cheap!

Thiel Laboratory tested the charging data line of 8.8 yuan package mail of a platform this time, and found that the quality of the charging line was poor, short circuit occurred during the charging process, and the temperature was too high. Flame was applied to the wire, and the skin insulation layer burned rapidly, which basically did not have flame retardant performance.

It is reported that some old and inferior charging data lines are easy to overload, resulting in short circuit, poor flame retardancy and potential fire hazard. Recently, Tyle Lab purchased a charging data cable of 8.8 yuan in an online shopping platform for testing, and found that the quality of the charging cable was poor, short circuit occurred during the charging process, and the temperature was too high; When flame is applied to the wire, the skin insulation layer burns rapidly and has no flame retardancy. The charging data line with excellent performance shall be put into the same flame for 15 seconds for comparison test. After the flame is withdrawn, the residual flame will extinguish in a few seconds or tens of seconds. Avoid using old and inferior charging data cables. High quality charging data cables can be used normally in different scenarios. Some have shielding layers and tensile fibers inside, which will greatly improve the quality of data cables; The high-quality charging data cable has excellent durability, good flame retardancy and corrosion resistance. It is not only safer in use, but also has a longer service life.

In addition, the old and low-quality charging data cables have poor durability, which is likely to open circuit between contact points, causing short circuit, charging overload and other problems, leading to the cell phone can not be charged normally, and even damage the internal structure of the cell phone, leading to data damage and so on. Some consumers have reported that after using the charging data line for several times, there will be obvious damage at the charging line interfaces on both sides. The use frequency and habits will affect the service life of the charging data line. Consumers should judge whether the data line is aging through appearance observation, reaction speed during charging, and charging success rate. Once it is found that the performance is degraded or aging, it should be replaced in a timely manner;

In the bending test, all functions of a good charging data line are normal after 1000 times of swaying left and right under the 500g load. Then carry out the plug and socket test. Insert/pull out the plug and socket for 10000 cycles at the rate of 500 cycles per hour. The charging data line functions normally without damage to its appearance.

The data cable should not be cheap. It must be high-quality charging data cable that meets the standard and professional certification. It is better to use the standard charging data cable


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