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Can you buck the trend with a data cable?

Article source:HERIZ ELECTRONICS CO., LTD. Popularity:130issuing time:2021-08-23 13:48:23

                                          Can you buck the trend with a data cable?
Nubia used to be a very good cell phone brand, but the market share is getting smaller and smaller, Nubia has always wanted to reverse the dream, he found a way to start from the data line
Nubia and the little yellow man launched this Apple data cable, support PD20W fast charging, built-in Apple original chip, over MFI certification, can support all models of Apple.

This C2L data cable small yellow version of the use of enhanced anti-oxidant non-rust material, durable also supports intelligent fast charging speed, nylon shell to reduce resistivity, reduce the voltage drop value, faster charging speed.

Such a data cable priced at $ 49 you will be moved?


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