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Hazards and causes of unqualified external insulation of electronic wires

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The two hazard factors of unqualified insulation layer of electronic wire are as follows:
1. The unqualified insulation layer of the electronic wire will shorten its service life, because the insulation and mechanical properties of the electronic wire will decline after a long time of use, and the unqualified insulation layer will greatly reduce the performance and service life of the electronic wire.
2. The unqualified insulation layer of the electronic wire will also lead to ground fault, which will invalidate the protective effect of the insulation sheath of the electronic wire, resulting in a large amount of heat generated by the wire, and affect the overall quality of the electronic wire.
It is easy to understand how to reduce the service life of electronic wire products. After long-term operation, especially in some harsh environments, such as the oven may need to be used under long-term high temperature. In addition, due to long-term corrosion by external media, the insulation level and mechanical level of the thinnest point outside the electronic wire insulation will decline.
In addition to routine insulation layer test detection or line grounding fault, the thinnest point may be broken down. In this way, the protective effect of the insulation of the electronic wire will be lost. In addition, the internal consumption cannot be ignored. The long-term electrification of wires and cables will generate a large amount of heat, which will also consume the external insulation of electronic wires. This will lead to the service life of electronic products.
A little common sense is added here: the allowable working temperature of conductor is 70 ℃, and the long-term use temperature of PVC should not exceed 65 ℃. Therefore, the electronic cable is actually in a situation of "internal and external problems". If qualified electronic wire products are not used, the service life of the equipment may be reduced.
Therefore, when using electronic wire products, it is necessary to select qualified wire rod enterprises to avoid the problem of short service life of the products used. Only in this way can electronic products be more reliable and safe.


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