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The 8.8 package of data lines named by the CCA

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                                       The 8.8 package of data lines named by the CCA
The CCA, in conjunction with the China Academy of Information and Communications Thiel Labs, issued a warning: inferior charging data line will bring safety hazards, we must be vigilant, do not be greedy for cheap!

The Tyre laboratory tested a platform of 8.8 yuan package charging data line, found that the charging line of poor quality, short-circuiting in the charging process, the phenomenon of high temperature, the wire applied flame, the epidermal insulation layer quickly burned, basically does not have flame retardant properties.

CCA said, according to analysis and research, some old, poor quality charging data lines exist easily overloaded, resulting in short circuit, poor flame retardancy, there is a fire hazard; durability, poor cable bending performance, may damage the internal structure of the phone, poor corrosion resistance, may burn the interface and other risks. Specifically, old, poor quality charging data cable is prone to breakage, short circuit, etc., such as overload occurs during use, resulting in a rapid rise in temperature, the insulation layer will enter a molten state. Such poor quality charging data line flame retardant performance is generally poor, if there are wooden tables and chairs, curtains, books and paper and other combustible combustible materials, easy to cause fire hazards.

To avoid using old, poor quality charging data line, quality charging data line can be used normally in different scenarios, some internal shielding layer, tensile fiber, etc., will greatly enhance the quality of the data line; quality charging data line durability is excellent, with good flame retardant properties and corrosion resistance, not only in the use of the process safer, the use cycle will also be longer.

In addition, the frequency of use and habits will affect the life of the charging cable, consumers should observe through the appearance, charging response speed and charging success rate to determine whether the cable has been aging, once the performance is found to decline or aging to be replaced in a timely manner; purchase charging cable do not want to be cheap, you must choose to meet the standards and professional certification of quality charging cable, it is best to use the standard charging cable.


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