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How much do you know about PD fast charging lines? Compared to regular data cables, what are they?

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How much do you know about PD fast charging lines? Compared to regular data cables, what are they? Yachuang Electronics has been engaged in the data cable industry for more than 20 years, and its products are widely used in various industries. This is the first time Apple PD fast charging line has been launched. Below, let me reveal its true colors.
1: What is an Apple PD fast charging cable:
The Apple PD fast charging cable, also known as the USB-C to Lightning fast charging cable, is different from traditional Apple data cables in that its two end interfaces are USB-C and Lightning, so it is also abbreviated as the C-to-L fast charging cable.
2: 3D Features of the Product
Product name: Yachuang Electronic PD Fast Charging Line; Model: MT-TP012; Function: charging+data transmission; Thread material: TPE; Current: 3A (Max); Charging power: 36W (Max).
3: Advantages of Yachuang Electronic Fast Charging Line:
A: Fast charging. As fast as lightning! Yachuang Electronics uses the Apple PD fast charging line produced by chips certified by Apple's official mfi, which truly achieves a 30 minute charging of 50%. There will be no pop-up prompts indicating that the non certified line "this cable or accessory has not been certified", and it supports system upgrades, making it safe to use.

B: High cost-effectiveness. The original PD fast charging cable from Apple is priced at 145RMB on the official website. 

The Yachuang Electronic PD fast charging cable uses the same process and TPE skin friendly material as the original cable, while enhancing the durability of the cable. After tens of thousands of bending tests, the quality is guaranteed, and the price is only less than half of the original cable.
C: Strong compatibility

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