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Advantages and Four Precautions of ACHLINK Gift Data Line Customization

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Customized gift data line products have a firm, reliable, stable and fast transmission speed, as well as a humanized connector that can be improved for customers. It is precisely because of these advantages that gift data line customization will have many customers. We can also refer to the prices of different data lines to make appropriate judgments when choosing. The popularity of smart phones has made the digital accessories market very popular. If you often go shopping on e-commerce platforms, you will surely find that data lines have sold very well in recent years. Like the store with the largest sales volume, its sales volume is tens of thousands every month. I can imagine how profitable it is. Seeing such a huge market demand, many people want to customize data lines. What should we pay attention to when customizing data lines?
1. Mobile data cable interface
2. It is believed that we all know that the data line interfaces of Apple phones and Android phones are different, so we need to pay attention to the interface problems when customizing data lines. Many customers often customize data lines without investigating market customers, which leads to poor sales of data lines.
2. Length of mobile data cable
The length of mobile data cable will not only affect the sales quantity of data cable, but also affect the price of customized data cable. It is not recommended that you customize a 0.5m long data cable here. Nobody buys this kind of data cable. Generally speaking, 1.5m, 2m and 3m data lines are the main purchase objects for most customers.
3. Mobile data cable modeling
The current data lines are not the same simple data lines as before. The appearance of mobile phone data lines has changed a lot since their development. For example, some gift customization manufacturers can customize cartoon modeling data lines, which are the main sales force of Taobao's data lines. In addition to cartoon modeling, there are other creative data lines.

4. Number of mobile data lines

The number of customized mobile phone data lines is too small. Gift customization manufacturers generally do not accept orders. You can customize several at one time, but the machine and labor costs are not enough. For example, some large merchants order a large number of mobile phone data lines at one time, which makes gift customization manufacturers have enough profits, and they will make profits for you. Therefore, if you want to formally engage in data line sales, you should consider the number of customized data lines.
dvantages of data line customization:
1. Stronger and stronger wire
Usually, when using the data cable, it is very important to work on the skin used by the data cable. Only by using materials with relatively high strength can the data cable be strong, durable and not easily deformed. The customization requirements of gift data line meet the standards of this wire material. It is better than ordinary data line in terms of appearance maintenance and pull resistance. The customization of gift data line will take into account the practical needs of customers and therefore provide products with longer service life.
2. More stable and fast transmission
At this time, there is no shortage of various types of data cable styles on the market, but we do not know the materials used inside these beautiful surfaces. In order to ensure our sense of use, we should choose a variety of gift data lines for customization. The inner core of these excellent products is pure copper core. The copper core material makes it have a more stable current output and maintain a fast transmission state.
3. More user-friendly connector
Sometimes when we use the data cable, we will accidentally trigger the bending behavior to damage the data cable, but for this situation, gift data cable customization can be well avoided. Its customized design can create a data cable with elbow design for customers at the connector, so that you don't have to worry about the inconvenience caused by bending during data transmission or charging. It is also easier and more convenient to use this special customized product.
The manufacturer of achlink data line is committed to promoting the brand upgrade of digital gift customization of Chinese enterprises, providing scheme based digital gift customization. A variety of customization schemes provide you with unexpected convenient services, focusing on conference customization, business customization, annual meeting customization, promotion customization, etc., serving customers for 13 years without complaint or refund, as witnessed by our quality market!


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