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The strongest charging technology ever Xiaomi MIX4 is here

Article source:HERIZ ELECTRONICS CO., LTD. Popularity:172issuing time:2021-08-11 15:40:37

                         The strongest charging technology ever Xiaomi MIX4 is here
Xiaomi MIX 4 is equipped with 120W wired second charging technology, and has dual mode charging, the default mode 21 minutes can be full of phone battery.
When you have the need to open the speed mode, 10 minutes can be charged 80% of the power, 15 minutes can be full, the most bull is charged fast not hot, the temperature will not exceed 37 degrees, you said it is not already subverted your perception!

In wireless charging, equipped with 50W wireless second charging technology, also supports dual-mode charging, the default mode full charge to 45 minutes, the speed mode only 28 minutes, the effect is very shocking!

In addition, Xiaomi MIX4 this phone is to support reverse charging, can be used as a mobile charging treasure to use, when the emergency used to charge other devices quite convenient!

Xiaomi MIX4 also supports OTG function, just a data cable with OTG function, you can connect the phone with USB keyboard, mouse, U disk, gamepad and other external devices to use, can be said to be quite strong!
Will you pay for these high-tech technologies?


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