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How to Protect and Maintain iPhone Data Cables

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Apple has been labeled with a high price tag. Original data cables are so easy to break, and inexpensive non original data cables are not safe. Can I even use them properly now? Let's have a look at the following soil methods with Xiao Bian, maybe awesome!

Data lines that are relatively close together can be tied together!

Whether on the desktop or at the bedside, if there are multiple data cables (or power cables) that are relatively close together, they can be tied up like this!

Thick threads will use this tape.

Thin threads cannot be equipped with such equipment. They can be bundled with small iron wires that are given everywhere when shopping!

Do not place the data cable on the ground, as it is easy to be damaged!

Sometimes when the socket is on the ground, it is customary to place the data cable together with the socket on the ground, which can easily fall to the ground and be trampled on when not charging!

It is even more common for the network cable to be laid on the ground, and the network cable skin will be crushed every minute!

If you really want to place it on the ground, you can take some protective measures for the wire, such as using a wire adhesive cover.

3. Data cables that are not damaged can be protected with springs and heat shrinkable tubes!

Wrapping a tube over a data line and baking it with a strange little candle found in a drawer can provide protection!

Of course, if you're smart and handy, you can also use Lego minions to lift the data line! The data line just passes through the Lego villain's hand!

If the data cable is cracked but still usable, it can be repaired with a universal silicone called sugru!

Wrap up all the data cables!

The safest way is to buy a plastic hose with a slightly larger inner diameter than the data cable and carefully cut it open

Then put it on the phone data line!

Cut off the hose at the appropriate length!

How do we maintain the data cable to extend its service life?

First, remember to be gentle when plugging in and out. When unplugging a data cable, don't be so simple and rough, try to be gentle as possible to avoid disconnecting the data cable.

Second, avoid being close to heat sources. The skin of the data cable is gelatinous. If it is close to the small sun or a hot mobile power source, it can cause heat expansion and cold contraction, and it is easy to break if it is used too many times.

The third method is to install a spring protection interface, which is the most popular method on the internet and is also adopted by netizens most. It's very simple to take out the used ball pen spring. Then lengthen it a bit, slowly circle the data line, and then rotate it to fix it. Be careful not to scratch your hands. or buy the data cable protection cable for the clinker and wrap it around, which is like adding a layer of protective clothing to the data cable, and is beautiful.

Wrap adhesive tape around the fourth connector. Many people like to apply transparent adhesive to the connector, but it didn't take long to begin to unglue. It is best to use tape wrapped around water pipes, which is known as raw tape. Although wrapped up a bit like a mummy, it's really easy to operate and use.

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