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Why should the phone charging port be made at the bottom?

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                              Why should the phone charging port be made at the bottom?
This is a very interesting topic, I do not know if friends have paid attention to a this problem, in fact, when the beginning of the smartphone charging port at the top, the side of all, but now are done below!
1: long time use, the charging port if placed on the top will accumulate a lot of dust, affecting normal use.

2: placed at the bottom is easy to protect the data cable, reducing the probability of damage to the data line.

3: The phone battery is generally in the following parts, both to save space and make full use of resources.

Know the location of the charging port design should also be to develop good charging habits, first of all, do not wait until completely out of power and then charge the battery loss is great. Secondly, the charging order should be correct, to do first insert the charging head and then insert the phone head, pull the order just the opposite. Again can not play with the phone while charging, easy to cause accidents.
There must be accessories to use the original in order to have a safer guarantee.


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