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Why is the charging speed different for mobile phone chargers with different data cables?

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The charging speed of the mobile phone charging line is caused by these factors:
1. USB charging cable
Usually the USB cable, which is too cheap, is too thin to safely transfer enough power from the charger to the phone.
In order to reduce the manufacturing cost, some manufacturers use inferior metal or extremely thin metal wires in USB cables, so there is no way to charge effectively under high-power conditions.
2. Charging head
The charging head mainly determines the voltage and current, and the original brand or big brand can ensure the full and stable output. The higher the power of the charger, the faster the charging speed does not mean, but it does need a high-power charger to improve the charging speed.
During the charging process of the mobile phone, the power of the charger, the length and thickness of the data cable, and the resistance of the data cable material will affect the charging of the mobile phone. Obviously, the quality of the data line has a great impact on the charging speed of the mobile phone.
When selecting data lines, do not ignore the product description and think that they are all data lines, as long as the interfaces are the same. When looking at the product description, we can focus on the following points:
1. Check whether the data line has both a shielding net and a shielding layer, which indicates that the quality of the data line is not too bad at least.
2. Look at the material of the internal wire core. Generally, copper core, tinned copper core and silver plated copper core are better.
3. Look at the AWG value. Generally, 20AWG and 22AWG are better. If it reaches 26AMG, be careful.
4. If there is no special requirement, you can choose a shorter data line.

5. Compare the fast charging scheme of your mobile phone to see whether the fast charging protocol and current size supported by the data cable can match the fast charging scheme of your mobile phone.

Extended data:
The data cable is used for a long time, and the charging is slow
Sometimes the data line will be used for a long time, which will lead to a similar phenomenon. This situation is generally related to the aging and damage of metal accessories, which is more common in Golden Finger (mobile phone and data cable interface). At this time, you can try to wipe the metal interface with alcohol cotton, which can solve the problem of slow charging speed.
If the wire is produced by a regular manufacturer, there will be a series of puzzle codes on it. The term "28Awg" refers to the wire diameter of the data line. The smaller the front number, the larger the cross-sectional area, the better the conductivity and bearing capacity. So you think the problem of charging speed is the data line. You can choose the data line with smaller AWG value.
It is worth mentioning that when charging in the data transmission mode, the current will be limited to less than 0.5A. This usually happens to a friend who uses the USB port of the computer to charge. The easiest way to improve the charging speed is to change to the charging head.


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