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Why is the charging speed different for mobile phone chargers with different data cables?

The charging speed of the mobile phone charging line is caused by these factors:
1. USB charging cable
Usually the USB cable, which is too cheap, is too thin to safely transfer enough power from the charger to the phone.
In order to reduce the manufacturing cost, some manufacturers use inferior metal or extremely thin metal wires in USB cables, so there is no way to charge effectively under high-power conditions.
2. Charging head
The charging head mainly determines the voltage and current, and the original brand or big brand can ensure the full and stable output. The higher the power of the charger, the faster the charging speed does not mean, but it does need a high-power charger to improve the charging speed.
During the charging process of the mobile phone, the power of the charger, the length and thickness of the data cable, and the resistance of the data cable material will affect the charging of the mobile phone. Obviously, the quality of the data line has a great impact on the charging speed of the mobile phone.

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