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Are you willing to buy a iphone without an interface?

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                                 Are you willing to buy a iphone without an interface?
The European union requires a unified charger interface, wanting to enforce the implementation of the USB-C interface, which is a well-known blow to Apple's Lightning interface, so see what Apple's response to that?

Now the market conventional cell phones are standard with chargers data line to complete the charging, but with the development of technology wireless charging technology is also becoming increasingly mature, perhaps will become the mainstream of the subsequent market.
Ming-C Kuo said the iPhone will not use the USB-C interface, because the waterproof specifications are also lower than lightning and MagSafe, the future will be used on the iPhone without interface with MagSafe magnetic design, but the current MagSafe ecology is not mature enough, but the launch of interface-free Apple phones is just a matter of time.

Will you be willing to accept the iPhone without interface? Estimated price is certainly not cheap!


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