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ACHLINK 100W / 66W type-C to C data cable

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With the continuous progress of science and technology, I believe that many of my partners have used new digital devices like me. At present, more and more devices use c-socket for charging and data exchange, and more and more PD fast charging devices are directly connected to c-socket. Our mobile phones, notebooks, headphones, watches and other intelligent digital devices can use this design for fast charging. ACHLINK electronic data cable manufacturers can customize and produce 100W / 66W type-C to C data cables to give you a high-power and fast charging experience.

In terms of appearance, the body is made of high-density nylon braided body, which is resistant to bending and pulling; Double port extended sr design is adopted at the end of the net to prevent breakage; The interface adopts zinc alloy shell, integrated design, equipped with water drop lamp wire, wear-resistant, oxygen resistant and scratch resistant. Self contained Velcro for portable storage. The length can be 1m or 2m.

In terms of performance, built-in 6-strand copper core conduction, 292 thickened copper cores, more stable and faster than 2-strand core conduction. Support 6A current output, 66W high-power charging, transmission rate 480mbps

This 66W fast charging data cable produced by yatron electronics uses type-C to C interface, and the plugs at both ends are injection molded with internal and external molds, which is more durable and wear-resistant. The end of the thread is also specially treated to resist bending, which has excellent durability.

This 66W type-C to C data cable has various lengths, such as 1m, 1.5m and 2m. The precision nylon braided outer cover is made of high-quality thickened international standard pure copper wire core, with a high current of 5A. From the inside to the outside, there are aluminum foil screen wrapping layer, tinned copper braided mesh, and TPE insulation layer in turn. It is flexible, tough and strong, and can achieve a longer service life without winding.

66W type-C supports 5A high current charging for C data line, with built-in e-marker chip, compatible with a variety of fast charging protocols, such as Huawei, Xiaomi, oppo, vivo, glory, PD, qc2.0, qc3.0, etc. It is suitable for rapid charging of mobile phones, notebooks, headphones, watches and other intelligent digital devices. The product conforms to Rosh / CE / FCC and other safety and environmental protection standards.

ACHLINK electronic data line manufacturer has focused on data line customization production for 16 years, and can customize and produce various type-C to C data line wires for customers. Two self owned factories customized direct supply, from copper wire extraction to finished product production, the whole production process is strictly controlled, and conforms to Rosh / CE / FCC and other standards. Support customers to open the mold according to their drawings and samples. You can open the mold within 3 days and get samples free of charge.


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