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The EU wants to unify the common interface for electronic devices, will Apple follow?

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            The EU wants to unify the common interface for electronic devices, will Apple follow?
News that the EU will legislate to unify the charging interface of cell phones or other electronic devices, the legislation is still in the drafting stage, will be submitted next month, more details worth we look forward to.
The current mainstream charging interface is divided into three major factions, Type-C interface-based Android, Lightning interface of Apple, and part of the micro-USB interface Android.
If the legislation comes into effect, Apple will be greatly affected, because the vast majority of the iPhone and part of the entry model iPad are using Lightning interface, in fact, Apple to replace the Type-C interface is not very difficult thing, Type-C has better compatibility and expansion capabilities.

Some analysts point out that Apple will not easily replace the Lightning interface, Lightning interface accessories allow Apple to obtain a huge amount of revenue, and Apple also has its own MFI United, users must have MFI certification from the business to buy accessories, otherwise it can not be used properly.

In addition, the market micro-USB interface devices also occupy a considerable part of the micro-USB low cost, so there are still many manufacturers willing to use.

But in the long run, the unified interface is imperative and necessary, now manufacturers in the pursuit of fast charging, a variety of charging protocols have emerged, the compatibility of accessories there is a big problem, if the legislation passed, to bring real benefits and convenience to users!


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