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Follow ACHLink to understand USB version and interface type naming

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Understanding the naming rules of USB version and its interface type can help users better understand and choose the right USB product for them.

First of all, it should be clear that USB followed by a number is the version and followed by a letter is the interface. In the USB-IF standard, there are 3 certified versions: USB2.0, USB3.2 and USB4. These versions have their own characteristics in terms of transmission speed, power supply capability, etc., which satisfy different needs from basic data transmission to high-speed data processing.

The USB interface usually refers to the type of connector between the cable and the device. Early smartphones used Micro B, Mini A was used on devices such as MP3s and e-book readers, and now the most common interface for mobile phones is USB Type-C, as well as USB Type-B used in devices such as printers, and so on.

To summarise, understanding the naming rules of the different USB versions and interface types is crucial to choosing the right products and services. As technology continues to advance and USB standards continue to evolve and improve, ACHLink provides users with more diverse and high-performance customisation options.


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