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What is the reason for pulling the plug on electricity? The reason is saddening!

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 What is the reason for pulling the plug on electricity? The reason is saddening!
Not only are some coastal cities pulling the plug on power outages, but power supply gaps have also begun to appear in the northeast. The reason for this situation is mainly because the price of foreign commodities has gone up, seriously compressing the profits of domestic factories. The domestic epidemic because of the good control, foreign orders come and go, the major factories work overtime production, into the "vicious competition", resulting in further reduction of profits. Now, it is the time of the Fed's big release of water, Chinese workers work hard to engage in production, in the end to others to do the dowry. Rather than this, it is better to limit production capacity to save resources through power outages.

In fact, the above is only a speculation after the event, although reasonable and analysis of the head, but not the real reason for some areas to pull the plug. Some areas in the "golden nine silver ten" season power outages, mainly to complete the "energy double control" indicators. It is reported that in August this year, the National Development and Reform Commission issued a report on the completion of the first half of 2021 "energy double control" indicators in various regions, the results show that nine provinces and regions in the first half of the energy consumption intensity is not down but up, was listed as a level of warning areas, Guangdong, Fujian, Jiangsu three strong coastal provinces are listed.

Zhejiang, Heilongjiang and Liaoning are secondary warning areas, where the rate of reduction of energy consumption intensity in the first half of the year did not meet the progress requirements. The International Development and Reform Commission used harsh wording to issue a letter saying that regions must firmly control high energy-consuming and high-emission projects. However, according to statistics, despite the rapid development of hydropower, wind power and solar power in China in recent years, they account for a very low percentage of total power generation, while thermal power accounts for the bulk of it, reaching a staggering 70%. Regions can imagine how difficult it is to meet the "energy double control" target.

The purpose of the "energy double control" is to eliminate high energy-consuming industries and take a green economic development path, which is in line with the concept of combating climate change in the current environment. However, due to the different economic development patterns of different regions, some regions are unable to eliminate high energy-consuming industries in a short period of time. In the end, in order to complete the target, only by pulling the power shutdown "one-size-fits-all" approach. Such reckless disregard for people's livelihood in a brutal way, people feel angry.

In retrospect, is the blackout related to the commodity price hike and the dollar release? There is a connection between the two in some sense, but these are determined by the market. To intervene administratively would not only be counterproductive, but would also invite criticism from market economies. And the reason why these conclusions are so prevalent on the Internet is more to deflect the contradictions and keep the focus on the outside.


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