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What should I do if the charger and data cable get hot while the phone is charging?

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What should I do if the charger and data cable get hot while the phone is charging?
Both the charger and the data cable will heat up when the mobile phone is charging, which is a normal phenomenon. Especially the kind of high-flow fast charging, you will obviously feel the charger and data cable hot in a short time, but it will return to normal after a while, which is a normal state.

When the mobile phone is charging, when the charging head and data cable are hot, take a small square towel, dipped in alcohol, and smear it on the hot area. After a few minutes of uniform application, the heat will quickly dissipate, which is beneficial to protect the battery.

Of course, if you don’t have alcohol, you can also use water instead, but you should be careful not to dip too much water to prevent water from immersing in some gaps in the phone and damaging the phone’s components.

1. When charging the mobile phone, you should use the original charger, which can ensure the stable output current and protect the battery. The original charger will also generate heat, but it will not overheat and has a protective device. If the charger is overheated, it means it is fake or not original.

2. Play with the phone while the phone is charging. Playing with the mobile phone while the mobile phone is charging will cause the mobile phone charger to overheat, because it takes a while longer than normal, which will not affect the charger and will reduce the life of the charger.

3. Overcharge. Generally, the original charger of the mobile phone can be fully charged in about 3 hours. Do not continue to charge after it is fully charged, otherwise it will cause the charger to overload and become overheated. Unplug the charger in time.

4. The surrounding heat source. When charging the mobile phone, the charger should be placed away from heat sources, such as gas stoves, steamers, etc., to avoid excessively high ambient temperature, causing the charger to overheat.


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