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Can you understand the confusing behavior of iPhone12!

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Can you understand the confusing behavior of iPhone12!
The highly anticipated iPhone 12 was finally released. After reading the configuration of the phone, this phone did not arouse my desire to buy, which means that the iPhone 12 is not fragrant!
The biggest confusing behavior this time is about the charger.
This time, the iPhone12 and iPhone12 mini do not send chargers and earphones. For this reason, the explanation given by Apple is that there are 2 billion Apple official charging heads in the world, so we will not send charging heads, but they have given everyone one. A USB-C to lightning cable.

The biggest problem is that everyone has USB-A charging heads on hand. What is the use of giving you a USB-C cable, or you have to spend money to buy USB-C charging heads. The good protection of the environment is just an excuse!


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