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Tens of millions lost with the wrong data cable!

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Tens of millions lost with the wrong data cable!

There is an online case that Ms. Yang put her mobile phone on the table for charging as usual. The mobile phone automatically opens the Ctrip APP. The mobile phone automatically queries and browses hotel information, including room type information and reviews, just like someone remotely controls it. . At first, Ms. Yang didn't believe it. She didn't realize the seriousness of the problem until the mobile phone automatically selected a hotel with more than 10,000 yuan and automatically generated an order pop-up fingerprint payment page. What surprised her the most was that the mobile phone automatically screened the bank card balance. Ms. Yang's default bank card balance was less than 10,000, and the mobile phone automatically selected another bank card to generate an order.

The culprit of this incredible thing is a cottage data cable! According to Ms. Yang's report, the data cable she used was a charging cable in the cottage, and uncontrolled screen touch has happened more than once.
Although the network incidents exaggerate the facts, everyone must pay attention to buying data cables through regular channels to avoid real losses!


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