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Heriz 2019 work summary

Article source:HERIZ ELECTRONICS CO., LTD. Popularity:1613issuing time:2020-01-03 09:49:46

In the past 2019, Yachuang Electronics has achieved ideal results. The company intentionally organized a 2-day trip to Dapeng Bay for all employees. Thank you employees for your hard work in 2019!

Owner Wilson and manager Andy lead everyone to Yangmei Bay on foot

Management's 2019 work summary report

Eating in a front-line restaurant, the taste is always particularly good!

After night, the world of barbecue and beer!

2019 Yachuang outstanding staff, applause ~~~~~~~~~~

It's always fun to get a red envelope, laugh ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

The luckiest couples this year, one first prize of 2,000 yuan, one second prize of 1,000 yuan, envy!

game time



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