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Mi 10 Extreme Edition 120W Fast Charging Principle

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Mi 10 Extreme Edition 120W Fast Charging Principle
In order to achieve 120W fast charging, Xiaomi has made two changes to the battery and the circuit. The first is the battery. Although the Xiaomi Mi 10 Extreme Commemorative Edition still uses a 4500mAh equivalent battery, it has changed from a single battery cell to a dual battery cell. The two batteries can be charged at the same time by charging in series to achieve a multiplier effect.

Secondly, Xiaomi uses two parallel charge pump circuits inside the mobile phone. The external input 20V/6A circuit is converted into two 10V/6A internal circuits through the parallel charge pump, and finally a 10V/12A circuit is obtained after the series connection. The rectifier circuit finally realizes the charging efficiency of 5V/12A/60W on each battery in the series battery circuit, which adds up to a total power of 120W.


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