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Is the double-power USB-C2.1 safe?

Article source:HERIZ ELECTRONICS CO., LTD. Popularity:198issuing time:2021-05-28 08:22:14

                                     Is the double-power USB-C2.1 safe?

      The USB-C interface will be upgraded to the 2.1 revision standard. After the upgrade, the power will be directly increased from the original maximum 100W to 240W, which is too shocking!

     The USB-IF requirement for the latest specifications is that the cable needs to support 5A/50V to meet the requirements, and the charger must be redesigned. In this way, users need to buy new chargers and data cables.
     But what everyone is most worried about is whether this voltage is higher than the normal voltage. Will it be unsafe? Although we are all pursuing fast charging, if it is electric to people, wouldn't it be the biggest hidden danger!


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