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Black technology emerges, do you think it can replace data lines?

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               Black technology emerges, do you think it can replace data lines?
Domestic manufacturers of mobile phone fast charging technology have been far ahead of overseas brands. Recently, Motorola has revealed a new black technology, wireless charging.
Motorola and GuRu will jointly launch a new charging solution that works through millimeter waves and uses the same radio frequency as 5G data transmission. The air wireless charging technology can also adjust the output of the capability according to the wattage of the receiver. This means that a generator can charge headsets, laptops and other devices at the same time, and can even distribute charging power.

It is expected that the US regulatory approval will be completed before the end of this year. If the charging technology jointly developed by Motorola and GuRu can be implemented smoothly, the traditional chargers will be eliminated, and future mobile phone charging will no longer require a data cable.
Do you think it will happen?


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