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In the era of smart charging, how did you buy a data cable!

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                  In the era of smart charging, how did you buy a data cable!
Let me ask everyone, how do you choose to buy a data cable?
   Now is the era of smart charging. I believe everyone knows about fast charging. The data cable manufacturer will give you a detailed explanation of the principle of fast charging. The prerequisites for fast charging are fast charging head + high current data cable + charging IC System, and connecting these in series requires a QC fast charge protocol!Only when these conditions are met can the charging speed be increased!
   The data cable is also the most critical link. What aspects do you usually pay attention to when buying a data cable? Style? colour? length? price? From a practical point of view, these are all ostentatious!

     Good data cables have common points. High-quality materials ensure safe use. Large current passing rates ensure smooth fast charging. Environmentally friendly materials ensure healthy use. Bend-resistant materials ensure durability and are not easy to break. High-quality zinc alloy plugs ensure no rust and corrosion resistance!
    Will everyone choose?


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