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Raw material prices rise wildly, data cable manufacturers are in a dilemma!

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     Raw material prices rise wildly, data cable manufacturers are in a dilemma!

       Since 2020, there have been three surges in commodity prices. In the first half of 2020, foreign raw material supply is limited due to the impact of the new crown, and domestic fiscal policies stimulate demand soaring!
In the second half of the year, foreign demand recovered, while supply was still limited. Exports drove the rise in domestic commodity prices. Entering 2021, the global economic recovery and inflation have pushed prices to strengthen again!
       As a downstream manufacturer of data line manufacturers, the crazy price increase of raw materials directly squeezes profits and has to adjust the shipping price passively, despite the risk of losing customers!

       The most serious is the lack of raw materials, the lack of materials from suppliers, and the prolonged delivery cycle, which directly affects the normal production schedule and further reduces the profit margin. Raw materials have become a serious problem that needs to be solved urgently.
       From the current point of view, the trend of bulk commodities is still strong, and we look forward to the precise control of the state departments, maintaining price stability, and letting enterprises overcome the difficulties!


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