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The commendable Xiaomi Mogai fast charging data cable!

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The commendable Xiaomi Mogai fast charging data cable! 
Xiaomi launches 11pro65w fast charge, which claims to be able to charge mobile phone batteries in 36 minutes! Such advanced charging technology originated from Xiaomi’s magic-modified charging device A port PD. Today, let’s take a look at the supporting data cable! 

First of all, this PD fast charging data cable must be matched with the magic modified A port PD charger to play its fast charging function. We can see its obvious 5A mark, which can even exceed the 5A standard value in the actual test! 

Under the micro-photograph lens, you can see the internal situation of A male. The two contacts on the extreme side are widened and have double rows of protrusions to enhance the current passing capacity. There is a special shrapnel in the deepest for the CC contacts of the charger and the device to be charged. USB PD communication is a very critical link. Without this contact charger, ordinary USB-A chargers can only output QC. 

The data line USB-C male head shrapnel is also widened, and the USB2.0 pins are defined.

The length of the data line is conventional 1M, which is quite satisfactory. 

Only such a powerful data cable with a powerful charging head can achieve such an excellent fast charging level. For now, Xiaomi is indeed the best!  


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