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First certified by USB4 cable prices as high as 355 yuan

Article source:HERIZ ELECTRONICS CO., LTD. Popularity:375issuing time:2020-10-13 15:47:54

First certified by USB4 cable prices as high as 355 yuan
What data cable is so expensive! This data cable is so expensive because it is the first certified USB4 data cable.

This data cable launched by Elecom, numbered USB4-CC5P08, is available in black and white, with a data transmission rate of 40Gbps and a power supply of 100W. The interfaces at both ends are Type-C, and the cable length is 0.8m. It can also be seen from the specification that the specification of USB4 is very similar to that of Thunderbolt 3. This is because it is based on Thunderbolt 3, which means that the future USB4 data cable can also be connected to an external graphics dock.

Currently, there are almost no devices that support USB4, and they are expected to appear at the end of this year. Therefore, there is no use to buy USB4 data cables now, and the initial price is indeed high.


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