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Take you to know and understand CB certification!

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Take you to know and understand CB certification!
CB system (IEC system for conformity testing and certification of electrical products) is an international system operated by IECEE. The certification bodies of IECEE member countries test the safety performance of electrical products based on IEC standards. The test certificate is a system recognized by each member of IECEE. The purpose is to reduce the barriers to international trade arising from the need to meet the certification or approval criteria of different countries. IECEE is the abbreviation of the International Electrotechnical Commission's organization for conformity testing and certification of electrical products. CB certification is an international certificate, the main goal is to promote international trade, the period is to promote the harmonization of national standards and international standards-coordination and cooperation of product certification agencies, so that manufacturers are closer to the ideal "--test , Multiple applications "goal.

The CB (certification body) process is established based on the international agreement of IECEE "World System for Qualification Testing and Certification of Electrical Products". It is an agreement between the national certification bodies within the system and is committed to mutual recognition of the results of electrical product audits. The countries participating in the CB system come from the designated institutions of 53 countries, including major industrialized countries, and are currently affiliated with the CB certification process. It is considered to be the domestic of many countries in the European union (including those countries that have not yet become official members). The basis of certification.
Three characteristics of CB certificate:

No validity period, no cylinder inspection, no certificate annual fee

Note: Although the CB certification certificate has no validity period, we also have to judge whether the CB certification certificate is valid. The CB certificate should be valid within the specific period of time. The specific judgments are as follows:

A. Attach the corresponding CB report.

B. CB certificates and reports issued by formal members within the CB system who are qualified to issue CB certificates are within the scope of their capabilities, and the standards presented must be those within the scope of recognition by China (NCB). C. The standard on which the certificate is issued shall not be lower than the version of the current standard corresponding to the IEC standard in China.

D.CB certificate has been more than three years, NCB should challenge.

E.CB certificates and CB reports that show "R.O.C" (Republic of China) will not be recognized.


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