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The most popular OTG data cable!

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The most popular OTG data cable!
The role of OTG is to transfer data between mobile devices without a computer. Through the OTG line, the device can be directly connected for data transmission and printing operations. No need to bring a memory card or computer to transfer. The most common is that the mobile phone is connected to a USB device such as a U disk through an OTG cable, thereby expanding the functions of the mobile device.

Generally, there are two types of OTG cables, one needs to be connected to the power supply, and the other one does not need to be connected to the power supply, but their functions are the same, and they are generally used as external devices connected to USB, such as printers, Cameras and other equipment.

We often say that the OTG data cable refers to the data cable with OTG function, which is to realize the direct connection of mobile devices other than computers, and is very popular and practical for today's smartphones and tablets. Through the OTG data cable, we can directly connect the mobile phone to a U disk or other USB devices, which greatly improves the user's use.


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