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What is the role of the USB cable metal braid?

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What is the role of the USB cable metal braid?
I wonder if you find that some USB cables have metal braided mesh, while others do not, so what is the role of USB cable with metal braided mesh?
Let's discuss together below:
However, a good USB cable can not only have wires, but also have a metal braided mesh. Its role is obvious, it is to play a better magnetic field interference shielding effect, to ensure the anti-interference during data transmission  
It also greatly enhances the pull-out resistance of the data cable.

It is better to have another aluminum foil shielding layer. This double-layer shielding process can protect the wires from being easily damaged, ensure the service life of the data cable, and also ensure the stability of signal transmission.
Some high-quality data lines will also be filled with cotton thread or other fillers to enhance the resistance to breakage.


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