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USB 4 can unify the data line world!

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                                       USB 4 can unify the data line world!

Did you know that the data line also has "language communication"? If the "language barrier" data line wants to transfer data is not so smooth, this language is USB protocol.
So far USB protocol has 2.0 3.0 3.1

For example, if your device supports 3.1 protocol, it will take about 2 minutes to transfer data to another device. If your device only supports the 2.0 protocol, then it may take half an hour to complete, which is the key role of the USB protocol.In August 2019, the USB standardization organization released the USB 4 protocol, trying to build a universal protocol to "unify the world". If realized, you will be able to transmit any data with a single data cable, and the speed is extremely fast!
It's already available, but it's expensive, up to 500 yuan. Do you think unification is possible?


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