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Why is UL the most authoritative certification?

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                                    Why is UL the most authoritative certification?
Introduction to UL certification
                  UL is English underwriters experiment (system Laboratories Inc.) short, belong to the product safety certification organization (similar to the Chinese CCC certification), she was founded in 1894, 120 years of glorious history, has now become the world's most famous product safety certification body, she has a huge security system, has more than 1485 kinds of product standards, covers all aspects of the American people's production and living, always protect the global consumer's life and property safety, and 70% of the American national standards are set by the UL, In the north American market, there are nearly 20 billion UL labels attached to different products every year, bringing huge economic benefits to the vast number of manufacturers for its excellent safety.UL certification for electronic wireThe English full name of electrical Wiring Material Standard of UL758 is Appliance Wiring Material Standard (AWM). Common thread species:(1) ordinary PVC wire: 1007, 1015, 1569, 1571, 2464, 2468, 2725, 20276, 21149, etc.(2) teflon (FEP, PTFE, ETFE, PFA, MFA) wire: models 1330, 1331, 1332, 1671, 1726, etc.(3) halogen-free wire: 1589, 10602, 21099, 10800, 10982, 21099, 21088, 21100, 3275, 3173, 3321, 3385, 3386, 3289, 3266, etc.(4) silicone wire: 3122, 3132, 3133, 3135, 3323, etc.(5) PU wire: 20254, 20279, 20554, 20602, 20937, etc.(6) FFC flat line: 2806, 2896, 20706, 20624, 20798, 20861, 20890, 20696, 20941, 20963, etc.(7) mppe-pe wire: 10981, 10982, 21451, 21458, etc.(8) TPE wire: 21572, 21445, 21394, 21371(9) special wire (4030,5034,5123, etc.)

Why do you choose UL certification?
     UL certification is an independent and authoritative international product certification body, she is famous for testing the fire resistance and anti-shock performance of products, its authority and popularity in the entire wire and cable industry is irreplaceable. The number of factories that accept UL's strict inspection and penalty for unqualified products every year is not small, but there are still so many new factories that want to pass UL certification, which shows the importance and authority of UL. Therefore, no matter it is European and American customers, or Japanese customers, only through the UL758 certification of the electronic line, can be truly accepted by the global customers!The reasons are as follows:First: to date, UL is the world's first and only international product safety certification body for electronic wire and related industries.Line 2: electronic certification status, according to the statistics, all kinds of finished products manufacturers in China through the UL certification up to 10 m, and in the home, nearly 6000 electronic line plants in China have achieved UL electronic wire manufacturers as many as 1120, the main distribution in the pearl river delta and the Yangtze river delta, in shenzhen, dongguan, guangzhou, Shanghai, kunshan, yuyao as the main origin.Thus, UL certification is an international passport for electronic line manufacturers. For the vast majority of people who want to apply for UL certification on the sidelines, waiting for the results, will only be handed over to the customer to competitors.Third: UL certification status, UL has 120 years of glorious history, and 70% of the American national standards are set by the UL, 1485 kinds of existing standards, can almost all products for certification, UL products include: chemical materials/plastic material/communication/information/home appliances/small home appliance, electronic parts/equipment/jackets/fire/explosion-proof products/cooling system/machine/water movement style equipment/building materials, etc., in a word, in addition to food and medical care, scattered on the people of the United States UL product production all aspects of life! And these products will use electronic wire products, so electronic wire UL certification for the vast number of cable enterprises, is one of the most common and most necessary certification.


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