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HERIZ reasonable price and after-sales service let us be satisfied!

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HERIZ reasonable price and after-sales service let us be satisfied!
I have been working with HERIZ for several years. I have been very happy in cooperation. Whether it is quality or price, it is reasonable in terms of price. Especially after-sales service is very good. I will respond immediately if there is any problem. Let us save a lot of trouble with the product problem. Based on the concept of high-end products and mid-end price, HERIZ insists on cost control from raw materials to production processes. To provide customers with high quality and reasonable price, high-cost after-sales service. Will continue to cooperate.

Heriz Electronics Co., Ltd.is a professional data cable manufacturer for mobile data cable data lines. It specializes in developing, designing, manufacturing and selling USB2.0 data lines, USB 3.0 data lines, Type C data lines, network lines, data lines, etc. a company that connects lines. Have a complete and scientific quality management system, passed the ISO9001 international quality management system certification; nationalhotline: 86-755-88210101-3 You can also click on the online consultation details: