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  • New design data cable

  • DP to DP cable version 1.2 4K60HZ computer display connection line screen display port HD

  • Optical fiber HD TV projector cable

  • Harpoon data cable

  • Zinc alloy belt braided data cable

  • HDMI CABLE 4K hdmiset-top box computer TV cable

  • Hdmi cable 4K set-top box computer

  • ACHLINK Lightning 4 data line charging double head typec fast charging 8K HD projection screen transmission coaxial 2m lightning Electric 4 data

  • Hdmi cable 4Khdmiset-top box computer TV cable

  • HDMI cable metal braided high-definition cable hdmi cable TV connecting cable

  • USB4 gen3 40Gbps type-C public to public pd100w 20v5a fast charging braided data cable

heriz cases
  • Drone

  • Set top box

  • tablet

  • HDTV

  • smart phone

  • AI smart speaker

18 years of precipitation, focusing on various data lines, cable development, design, manufacturing and sales

Provide medium and high-end ODM/OEM services for major domestic and international brands

Integrity creates value, professional creates quality

heriz electronic products, fashionable and best quality!

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heriz Electronics

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  • 18 years of focus on medium and high-end data linecustomization, ideal partner for ODM/OEM
  • The fifteen-year first-line brand data line is dedicated to service providers and has served more than 500 companies.
  • China's Shenzhen, Heyuan, Vietnam's three major production bases, production plants over 18,000 square meters
  • China's Shenzhen, Heyuan, Vietnam's three major production bases, production plants over 18,000 square meters

Fashionable, high quality, wide range of applications

  • The ISO quality management system is controlled throughout the whole process, and the product inspection rate is 99.9%.
  • Environmentally friendly material, not easy to break, strong anti-oxidation ability, easy maintenance
  • Anti-electromagnetic interference, low transmission signal loss, perfect sound quality, clear image
  • Inspection equipment, multiple performance tests to ensure smooth and stable function

Customized to provide ODM/OEM services for major domestic and international brands

  • The main materials are homemade, flexible in deployment, diverse in specifications, free of charge
  • More than 18 years of professional R & D team, tailor-made style for your needs
  • High degree of automation equipment, equipped with foreign imported data line production machines
  • Variety of products, colorful and colorful, length can be changed

High production capacity,guaranteed delivery,and list-ed companies such as Samsun-gLong-term cooperation

  • Daily production capacity of 100,000, high capacity, guarantee timely delivery
  • Regular supply is sufficient, delivery in seven days, no delay
  • Fully equipped, leading technology, all products are shipped after full inspection
  • Long-term cooperation with listed companies such as ABB, SHARP, Samsung, TCL

Preemptive service system, let you worry free after sale!

  • Professional customer team online consultation, 7*24 hour quick response
  • More than 600 service teams to serve your project
  • Free online consultation, experts come to solve your problem.
  • After the order is delivered, our customer service staff willreturn to the customer.
Heriz Electronics, 18 years of first-line brand, data line dedicated to service providers

More than 500 services, long-term cooperation with ABB, SHARP, Samsung, TCL and other listed companies, ODM / OEM's ideal partner

about heriz

heriz Electronics Co., Ltd. Founded in 2004, it integrates development, design, manufacture and sales of Android data cable factory and USB3.0 data line manufacturer. It has been specialized in producing various mobile phone fast charging data lines, luminous data lines, creative data line customization and Type C. Data line ODM.The company has a complete and scientific quality...